Exciting.  Dynamic. Thrilling.  These words not only describe the powersports industry, but also describe the sensations experienced during a Spader powersports 20 Group meeting.  That’s because your 20 Group peers will help you identify and profit from opportunities right in front of you, challenge you to reach beyond your current limitations and create an environment in your business built for retention and growth.

Spader 20 Group members build trusting relationships with non-competing, like-minded peers. Together, they work through challenges and learn best practices that can be applied to their own operations. Each and every member also benefits from a Spader facilitator who has been there as a business owner or manager, detailed and proprietary reports, and hard intelligence on group and industry trends.

  • Gain a support network of business peers solving common challenges to productivity and growth
  • Benefit from a Spader facilitator with knowledge of multiple industries for advice on growth and cross-industry insights
  • Engage in timely discussions on critical issues, such as maintaining margins, industry consolidation, what’s hot and what’s not, how to manage the team, how to navigate today’s markets, how to grow the business, how to add stores, etc.
  • Compare your monthly financial report to others in your group and industry
  • Utilize Spader’s proprietary forward forecasting analysis to accurately predict your future financial performance

How It Works

The idea is simple. Several times a year, you network with non-competing peers from across the United States and Canada under the guidance of a Spader Business Management group consultant. Then you go home with tactics, information and trends to impact your bottom line.

Most meetings take place near a member-business so the group can visit the host-member’s facility. We match you with non-competing industry peers according to commonalities in sales volume, goals, business profile and personal fit. The opportunity for comparison and learning with peers is the hallmark of Spader 20 Groups. It’s a commitment. It’s totally confidential. And you are challenged and held accountable, which helps you achieve goals and reap tremendous rewards.

Each month, you and fellow members submit your financial information to the group through Spader. In return you get valuable monthly, consolidated financial reports with key financial analysis. Use them to compare your operation to high, low and average trends within your group and industry and to understand where you rank among them. The information is used to solve problems, share ideas and figure out what is and is not working.


At the end of the day, it’s all about performance and profits. Spader 20 Groups help you fine-tune planning and operations to strengthen the bottom line. The monthly exchange of financial information shows you how the most profitable businesses do it. There’s also plenty of informal human exchange here—but we’re not talking fluff. You get concrete analysis, information and critique at each meeting. And that gives you the tools to boost productivity and increase profits.

Membership gives you concrete advantages.

  • Learn the best practices in your industry
  • Receive Spader’s valuable monthly financial report on your business and how it compares to others in your group and industry
  • Obtain True* online dashboards with color-coded group and industry comparisons and other specialized analyses of your company’s financial (and non-financial) performance
  • Absorb hard intelligence on trends within your group and your industry
  • Predict your future financial performance with Spader’s proprietary forecasting analysis
  • Participate in timely discussions on critical issues, such as maintaining margins, industry consolidation, what’s hot and what’s not, etc.
  • See what works—and get some straight talk on what doesn’t
  • Benefit from a Spader facilitator with knowledge of multiple industries for advice on growth and cross-industry insights
  • Visit member-businesses to see best practices first-hand
  • Solve tough issues with peers face-to-face several times each year
  • Gain a support network of other business peers solving common challenges to productivity and growth
  • Develop valuable relationships with peak performers in your industry
  • Toll-free support for any questions that arise


Complete this application so we can find the best 20 Group fit for your business! We’ll review your application and contact you within three business days to discuss your options for 20 Group membership!

A one-time $1,195 Setup Fee is payable with this application. Please mail a company check, or use the link on this page to pay online.


20 Group Pricing

20 Group fees vary by group and are billed quarterly in advance. Billing begins after membership requirements are fulfilled. Members are responsible for an equal share of meeting expenses (meeting room rental, refreshments, A/V, etc.).

Once you have been approved by a group, your membership slot will be held for 75 days. You must establish satisfactory financial reporting within that time frame to claim your membership slot. Any incoming member that is not able to establish satisfactory financial reporting within 75 days forfeits their position and must repeat the placement process.

Setup Fee is refundable if we are not able to place you into a suitable 20 Group.

Setup Fee and Quarterly fees may be subject to sales tax.

Visit a 20 Group

Sometimes the best way to understand the transformative potential of a Spader 20 Group is to experience a meeting for yourself. If you would like to sit in on one of our 20 Group meetings, fill out the form below and we'll pair you with a group that best suits your needs.

photo of Scott Click

Scott Click

Exchanging numbers is pretty scary for a lot of us, those of us who are independents. We’re not used to anybody seeing our numbers, except the banker. That aspect of the group, I think, is really what makes it even more beneficial. You get beyond just the talk and you get down into specifics.

$1,195.00 — Set-up fee