MRAA Dealer Week: There’s no time to lose

This week at Spader Business Management, our team is gearing up for MRAA’s 2020 Dealer Week and virtual conference December 8-11. The four-day event will bring added knowledge and insights from generating leads to achieving goals and closing deals, in addition to a presentation from Spader consultant and trainer, David Spader.

On Thursday, December 10, at 9:30 a.m. CST, David will be teaching dealers how to proactively assess whether your employees are at risk for burnout, discover how energy management needs to be part of every leader’s toolkit, and understand the role of leader/manager in avoiding burnout for yourself and modeling healthy behavior for your team.

David will lead you through a process to rediscover what motivates you personally and professionally (and help your employees do the same). Then, you’ll learn how to use that insight to plan for a 2021 that will deliver the satisfaction and success you and your team seek.

Register for MRAA Dealer Week and schedule a live discussion and/or video meeting with the Spader team via our virtual profile. We can’t wait to meet with you!