Dr. Michael O’Connor

Dr OIn the early years of Spader Business Management, while Duane Spader was refining the “financial equation,” he was equally interested in developing the “human equation” of businesses. Duane met Dr. Michael O’Connor, who later became vice president of development at Carlson Companies in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Duane and Dr. O’Connor began a friendship and a business relationship that has continued and expanded over the past thirty years. In 2008, they launched the first Total Management 2 workshop in Sioux Falls, with Noel Lais, David Spader and Dr. O’Connor as the pilot instructors.

Dr. O’Connor is an internationally-recognized thought leader who has contributed to several different types of breakthroughs for producing higher personal, team and organizational performance. Dr. O’Connor’s past thirty years of research has translated into many best-selling books, including “The Leader Within,” “People Smart,” and “Managing by Values.”