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DISC:  Driving Performance Through Personal Styles

Are you a High D person who is driven toward results by controlling tasks?

Or are you more of a High I, someone who naturally enjoys influencing others to achieve your results?

Perhaps you’re a High S – someone who prefers to support and relate to others and naturally friendly to all?

Or maybe your preferred style is more indirect and controlling, preferring the High C style of controlling tasks, but indirectly and accurately?

All four DISC styles are valuable and can contribute to a high-performing team! Use this powerful e-learning course to teach everyone in your organization how to capitalize on their own unique style, and how to interact with co-workers, customers, and others in their own personal and professional lives more effectively.

This course includes an online self-assessment of the participant’s DISC Style, with a valuable printable report outlining their unique strengths. It also includes a proven action planning process to lead each person toward even more effectiveness by adapting one’s style for better results!

Use this course to team-build, improve customer service effectiveness, and make each person more aware of their own valuable contribution.

Course Includes:

  • Interactive learning activities
  • Quiz at the end of each of the six chapters
  • Downloadable job aids
  • Learner’s customized detailed personal style self-assessment
  • Graded final test (80% score required for certificate)
  • Certificate of completion that can be printed or saved as PDF
  • Return to the course for up to a year to review key learning points and access resources

Course Length:  Approximately 120 minutes

Targeted To:  Work environment, individual user, all levels

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