DISCovering Self and Others Profiler Job Aid

This 16-page full-color booklet is an invaluable tool for helping us be more effective with the four different personal styles we encounter every day at work, at home and in social settings.

Use the DISCovering Self Profiler, along with the DISCovering Self through Others Profiler, to diagnose your own personal style. Then use this powerful job aid to become more effective by combining your own style with each other type of personal style. Four pages are devoted to each of the personal styles (Dominant Director, Interacting Socializer, Steady Relater and Cautious Thinker), with overview sections for:

  • Energizers
  • Observable Characteristics
  • Capsule Summary
  • Summary of Behavioral Preferences & Tendencies

Additionally, each style includes two pages devoted to how the style is commonly applied in the work place:

  • Teamwork Performance
  • Influencing
  • Selling
  • Servicing and Presenting
  1. Preparation and Pre-Planning
  2. Open with Impact
  3. Make a Promise, State a Fact, Gain Advantages
  4. Gain Commitment & Close
  5. Develop Chemistry
  6. Do Not…

Each personal style comes with a Personal Development Plan for you to use based on your own identified style.