Flat Rates Online (renewal / additional)

This renewal / additional copy pricing applies to subscription renewals or additional purchases for the same industry as the original order, within five years.

For first-time purchase, or re-order beyond five years from the last purchase, please refer to Flat Rates Online…

Once you have purchased NCM Flat Rates for your industry the first time, your next year’s renewal, or additional copies in any format for the same industry, can be purchased at a discount. If you want to order more than one copy of the same format, or even get a different format, you will receive this reduced price on your renewal and any additional copies of the same industry’s data.

For example, if you want a printed Flat Rate Manual for the counter, but also want Flat Rates Express to download the data for use with your computer software, you can order one at the regular full price, and the second format at this reduced price.

Flat rates are available in three formats – Printed Manual, Flat Rates Express and Flat Rates Premium.

Flat Rates Online – Express and Premium

Feature Flat Rates Express Flat Rates Premium
• Download fixed-length file for service software or Excel (click here for file layout) YES YES
• Annual online subscription to easily search for flat rate data for unlimited users at one location YES YES
• Specify multiple labor rates, shop supplies allowances, parts to calculate total job price on all jobs YES
• Add your own jobs, clone our jobs to change times, automatically included in annual update – next year’s subscription could be free! YES
1-year subscription (2nd format) $289 $389


Please allow one to three business days for your new subscription to be configured.

Your selected subscription price will be applied when you choose the Annual Subscription Type. Annual subscription entitles use at one dealership location for as many users as you like – specify your first user(s) when you purchase online.

View a sample to see what type of information is included:

Marine Sample

Powersports Sample

RV Sample

Flat Rates Online includes an export of the data for use with many DMS systems, or in Excel. Click the link below to view the layout of this exported file.

File Layout

Flat Rate Updates Template

Insurance companies or other enterprise-level purchasers please contact NCM Associates, Inc. for terms and pricing.

License Agreement

$289.00$389.00 — If renewing, provide User 1; other user changes can be indicated under Order Notes during Checkout

User 1

Provide at least one (or up to five) initials users to be set up on your system.

User 2

User 3

User 4

User 5