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GPS Assessments

Global Profiles Assessment reports used in conjunction with a Job Performance Profile will accurately predict a person’s effectiveness in a job, while also helping to identify key targeted gaps for further development. Especially for upper management and C-suite level positions, this full set of five assessments, available for self-view as well as other-group-view or key-observer-views, helps predict both success and fulfillment in a profiled role.

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  • IMPORTANT:  Without training or certification in the use of these assessments, the Global Profiles System® typically requires some coaching for effective use. If you haven’t attended Next Level Leadership or Leadership Development Program, some remote consulting will be advised before using tools other than the DISC Style assessments.
  • For executive positions, we recommend these more extensive 360-degree assessments paired with consulting and coaching for the eventual new hire – contact us to learn more about hiring packages for these critical positions in your business.
  • Self-Assessments are often biased because when we respond, we incorporate our intentions as well as our actual behavior. Self-Assessments typically don’t give a true picture of how others view us.

DISC Style Self Assessments Comparison

  • Standard Version:  10 sections, approximately 30 pages
  • Premium Version:  18 sections, approximately 50 pages
  • Snapshot Version:  5 sections, approximately 20 pages

GPS DISC Self Snapshot