JobTRACK® System

users_process“Turbo-charged” online job descriptions, performance reviews and development guides.

Key Results Areas and Critical Tasks —->  JobTRACK®

These are not your average job descriptions! Instead of listing the tasks and responsibilities a person has, a JobTRACK starts with the reason the role exists in the business – the Key Results Areas a person must deliver to be considered successful in the role. Then we add the next level, those Critical Tasks that are required to achieve the Key Results. Put it all together and you’ve got more than just a job description, it’s a JobTRACK!

The JobTRACK System is an online tool to help you configure your JobTRACKs, facilitates the Performance Review process, and creates prioritized Development Guides to help businesses from small to large manage job descriptions and the review process.

  • Leverage NCM’s researched libraries of JobTRACKs to give your key people job descriptions that actually define the results the job was designed for, including a prioritized list of critical tasks
  • Customize NCM’s roles or create your own JobTRACKs using the proven structure of Key Results Areas and Critical Tasks
  • Empower employees with a list of critical tasks designed to accomplish their key results – in prioritized order that employees and managers agree upon
  • Prepare for Job Performance Reviews using worksheets you can print from the online system
  • Input Job Performance Review results online for easy future reference
  • NCM’s proprietary Critical Tasks Development Guide gives managers and employees a clear, prioritized list of areas that may require immediate or longer-term development action
  • Add your company’s Core Business Values so you can also measure each employee’s alignment with this important threshold for employee fit with the business
  • The JobTRACK System is a multi-dimensional online application that can be configured for your business, with or without purchase of NCM JobTRACK Job descriptions.

Please allow one to three business days for your new subscription to be configured.

JobTRACK® Jobs

Add one or more of the NCM-researched Job Descriptions to your current JobTRACK® System. Contact NCM to get started with this online system, and add Jobs conveniently through our online store.

Purchase Jobs individually or choose the Full Set. NCM’s JobTRACK Jobs make role clarity in your business that much easier!

Performance Review and Development

Next, use the JobTRACK System to track each employee’s performance throughout the year using the online Job Performance Review functionality. Input your employee data, assign each employee to the appropriate JobTRACK, and the JobTRACK System gives you a pre-review worksheet as well as online data entry to record the Review scores for future reference.

The real payback of a good job description is when it leads to improved performance through ongoing effective employee management and development. The JobTRACK System makes that easy with our Critical Tasks Development Guide –a report that automatically sorts each Critical Task based on performance level and criticality to the business, making it easy for the manager and the employee to create an agreed-upon, prioritized development action plan. Set up your company’s Core Business values and generate a similar Values Development Guide based on the performer’s alignment with each business value.

The powerful Performance Management Coaching Tool allows you to extend your JobTRACK System even farther, using it to monitor performance against a Measuring Index on each Critical Task as often as monthly so you can monitor team performance toward objective, measurable performance benchmarks.

You Will Receive

    • If you purchase NCM JobTRACKs, you can clone them, modify them, borrow KRAs and CTs from them to build your own customized JobTRACKS to suit your company’s needs and structure
    • Easy-to-follow user interface to configure your own JobTRACKs consisting of Key Results Areas and Critical Tasks
    • Print the JobTRACK with your company name/logo for employee and manager reference
    • Print a pre-review worksheet for the manager (and employee if desired) to score performance on each Critical Task
    • Input review scores and comments into the JobTRACK System and print a finalized Job Performance Review report for the employee’s file
    • Use the Performance Management Coaching Tool to see color-coded at-a-glance reporting on team or work group performance measured against objective measuring indices as often as each month
    • Look up or print past Job Performance Reviews online
    • Use the Critical Tasks Development Guide report to create a development action plan for the employee based on current performance level and task priority for  the business
    • Configure your Core Business Values in the system and conduct Values Alignment Reviews to measure employee alignment with this threshold for fit with the company

We are happy to provide consulting services to help you with this important process that will drive your hiring, management and development for key employees.

License Agreement

View a video demonstration of the JobTRACK System:

$39.00$109.00 — per employee tracked in the system; annual subscription