Leadership Development Program

An organization is only as good as its leaders. The markets are changing faster than ever. Customers are demanding more. Employees expect more. What are you doing to grow and develop your key players?

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) increases the performance of your organization’s “A Team” and will also strengthen the depth of your “bench.” Participants will reach new levels of performance as they are continuously challenged to develop new capabilities over the course of 18-to-24 months.

The performance-focused sessions will send participants back to work to implement their new knowledge before returning for the next session a few months later. Each subsequent session reinforces prior learning and adds another level of depth. During the final session, participants will give a presentation on the results of their self-selected organization improvement project.

  • Proactively develop successors for company and/or department managers
  • Less than 5% of managers are good leaders; optimize the performance of current leaders
  • Improve your company’s bench strength
  • Develop high-potential employees
  • Retain high-performing employees by showing your commitment to their development
  • Learn the important differences between Leaders and Managers

Three Types of LDP

Open: These programs are open to all who wish to participate. They utilize a proven curriculum and participants benefit from working with leaders and managers from other industries and positions.

Shared: This option allows companies to partner with one or two other businesses in their geographic area, usually from the same industry. This allows some customization as you select session dates and locations that work for your companies. LDP trainers travel to your selected location(s).

Private: This option is designed for companies with at least ten participants who want to have a leadership development program customized to their needs. It enables senior leaders to learn and mentor younger leaders throughout the sessions. We often create two or three teams to work on company projects with the sponsorship of a senior leader guiding each team.

Leaders vs. Managers

Much has been written about the difference between a “leader” and a “manager.” Our research and experience indicate that less than five percent of people are both good managers and good leaders. The difference is important to understand because certain situations and positions require more of one than of the other. Most people in roles of authority and influence need to demonstrate both at certain times depending on the needs of their organization, even though most people are not skilled at both.

In his  book, Stepping Stones to Success, Dr. Michael O’Connor explains, “The effective leader’s greatest contribution is to the growth of the organization, while the effective manager’s most essential contribution is to its survival and stability. The leader role requires a focus on strategic exploration and development, while the managerial role calls for optimizing the tactical implementation of adopted organizational strategies to make sure they succeed.”

In our Leadership Development Program, the curriculum focuses on developing both leadership and management capabilities. Both are necessary in every organization, and those in key positions should possess capabilities in both areas. At a minimum, people in key positions need awareness of both in order to create the balance necessary in their organizations.

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This course will take place over five, three-day sessions.

Session 1:  Leading Yourself & Others

  • Your leadership style
  • Building a winning team
  • Self management
  • Important leadership assessments
  • Leadership simulations
  • Leadership versus management

Session 2:  Hiring & Leading a High-Performing Culture

  • Learning review and building on Session 1 concepts
  • Hiring Winners®
  • Effective interviewing practices
  • Managing by Values® culture process
  • Understanding my personal values and interests
  • Leadership 360-degree feedback

Session 3:  Enhancing the Customer Experience and Building Loyalty

  • Review and building on the concepts from Sessions 1 and 2
  • Customer Smart selling and servicing
  • Case study applications
  • Customer problem resolution process and simulation
  • Effective performance reviews
  • Assess your adaptability

Session 4:  Becoming a Strategic Leader

  • Review and building on the concepts from Sessions 1, 2 and 3
  • The “3D” strategy process
  • Understanding your strategic strengths and weaknesses

Session 5:  Total Business Success, Project Presentation, and Graduation

  • Becoming a complete leader
  • Project results and presentations
  • My next steps as a leader
  • Graduation ceremony


Who should attend this course?

  • Upper management
  • High-potential middle management
  • Successors, supervisors, or other high-potentials

Do you offer additional support?

Each participant takes home a full set of materials that includes the tools, processes, tips and forms needed for implementation and reference. You’ll also receive access to our help desk via email or toll-free phone for help with any questions you have when implementing what you’ve learned.

Can I customize this course for my business?

Yes! Many organizations realize that large numbers of people in their organization will benefit from LDP, and we’ll be happy to customize it for you! Contact us today to learn more.

How much does this workshop cost?


First session due with registration ($2,770); each session due prior to attendance.

This five-session development program starts a new class periodically. Check the Training Events on our Calendar to see if a new group is starting soon.  You can also contact us by email, or phone 800-772-3377 to learn more and get registered for the next new class!