Profit Track: Parts and Accessories Sales

This customizable two-day on-site workshop is targeted to general managers, parts and accessories managers, and parts sales associates. The material is designed to teach  your parts and accessories team how to think and act like owners.

In today’s world, selling parts and accessories is much more than just taking orders. Accessories, as a discretionary purchase, are based on emotions and require a people orientation, while the technical nature of selling hard parts requires precision and task orientation. The investment in P&A inventory dictates that professionalism and customer orientation drive your processes in this department, for both external customer and internal customer satisfaction.

Workshop Overview

With the assistance of our workshop trainer, you will complete a brief needs assessment to ensure the training your people receive is on target and personalized to your organization’s needs. From beginning to end, you will be guided by, and have access to, the trainer who will ensure you get what you want, when you want it, at a cost that is surprisingly affordable!

What This Content Will Do For You

  • Learn to sell more parts and accessories, and why selling parts is different from selling accessories.
  • Help your staff understand and support what the department needs to do in order to be profitable.
  • Teach your people how to increase impulse sales by learning the techniques of great merchandise presentation.
  • Learn to understand yourself better as well as being more effective interacting with others by recognizing and adjusting to personal styles.
  • Discover techniques to provide exceptional customer service and a great customer experience.


This customizable on-site two-day workshop will include the following: 

People: How to understand and work with the four basic human styles

  • Profile your own personal style and have a booklet to reference when working with others
  • Recognize the four styles and work more effectively with each of them
  • Get two quick references including the handy Psychology of Selling card
  • Understand the difference between a part and an accessory, and know why that difference matters when staffing this department

Selling Process: Improving sales of parts and accessories through an effective selling process

  • Establish a rapport with customers during the greet
  • How to probe to learn the true wants and needs of the customer
  • Building the sale of add-on items to complement customer needs
  • Exceeding customer expectations through effective follow up

Inventory and Gross Margins: Key inventory principles for both hard parts and accessories inventory

  • Inventory carrying costs: what are they, and why should we care about them?
  • Why physical counts are important, and how to conduct them effectively
  • The difference between a part and an accessory
  • Markup versus Margin
  • How much does a discount truly cost?
  • Sample written policies for restocking fees, freight charges, returns

Department Profitability: Understanding parts and accessories profit planning and monthly goals

  • One Dollar Empowerment® – the scorecard managers and employees can understand
  • Monitoring results with just four numbers

Merchandising and Marketing: Increase performance with an annual sales and merchandising plan

  • Sell more products with effective store layout
  • Understand the seven basics of parts and accessories merchandising
  • Options packages and menu selling

Customer Satisfaction: How to delight your customers, and why this matters

  • A formula for maximum customer loyalty
  • Identifying your customer’s expectations
  • How to resolve customer problems: Dos and Don’ts


Who should attend this workshop?

  • Parts and accessories sales associates
  • Parts and accessories managers/directors
  • Owner/general manager

Do you offer additional support?

Each participant will receive a set of materials that includes the tools, processes, tips and forms needed for implementation and reference. You’ll also receive toll-free support from a group of Spader Business Management specialists for any questions you might have when implementing what you’ve learned.

How much does this workshop cost?

Please contact us for pricing information.

This workshop is available to schedule at your dealership on a limited basis. Please contact us at or 800.772.3377 for more information or to schedule your preferred dates.