High-Performing Teams and Teamwork

Discover and apply the five key factors needed for your own high-performing team.

High-Performing Teams and Teamwork consulting allows your team to  develop new skills and expertise. We’ll help your team improve their leadership capabilities, plan for the future, or focus on a specific project. By the time you’re done, your whole team will possess the knowledge and capabilities your organization needs to propel it to the next level.


NCM can customize a program to meet your needs, or you may choose from one of the programs already structured:

Leadership Team Development

NCM will create a leadership development event specifically designed to develop the skills of your team. We’ll draw from our extensive set of tools, assessments, simulations and activities to build your team’s strength, identifying areas where you can improve your individual effectiveness, increase your effectiveness working with other people, and lead and manage a team or department.

Clarifying Leadership Roles, Responsibilities and Results

Bring your team to agreement on roles, results and responsibilities as the first step toward high performance. We’ll facilitate a “gap analysis” process to leverage strengths and focus improvement efforts. Leave your leadership team retreat with a clear action plan for everyone on your leadership team.

Mission, Vision and Values Development

Set the stage for company success by defining the direction, purpose and beliefs of your organization. The foundation will be set for strengthening your entire organization.