PRO-daptive® Leadership and Management Workshop

The job of a leader can be boiled down to two outcomes:  Success and Satisfaction.

This workshop is designed as a higher-level of training for organization leaers (owners, general managers). Effectively Leading and Managing covers the same PRO-daptive® model, plus adds topics designed for all managers, including middle managers and supervisors.

Success means that your leadership team delivers results. Satisfaction means that those results provide satisfaction, high morale, an strong relationships with your customers, employees, and owners. Is your organization delivering both?

Leading and managing employees has never been more difficult. Employees and customers are demanding more of your organization. Markets are changing faster than ever before. Is your management team effectively adapting? Spader’s innovative PRO-daptive® leadership and management tool will help you cut through the complexity and quickly put you on the path to increased success AND satisfaction.

We can adapt this training to meet your needs by providing a consistent and successful way for all leaders, managers and supervisors to identify, diagnose and resolve the various types of issues in your organization.

You’ll Leave Knowing:
  • The three types of performance issues and how to resolve them
  • The single most important question to ask when diagnosing an issue
  • The five types of leadership approaches, and when to use each
  • How to be confident your approach is the right one
  • How to adapt your approach to resolve any issue

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This 2-day workshop will include the following:

  • Assess your leadership approach and effectiveness
  • Understanding those scenarios where your natural leadership approach works – and those when it does not
  • Learn how to adapt your leadership approach to different people and situations
  • Find out how using only one or two leadership styles sabotages your success
  • Learn how to adapt your approach based on the situation, not based on personal preference
  • Case study applications
  • Optional role playing
  • Video case studies
  • Leadership simulations

Day one:  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Day two:  8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. approximately
Please arrive 30 minutes early the first morning for registration.


Who should attend this workshop?

  • Business Owner
  • General Manager

This workshop is designed as a higher level of training for the organizational owner or general manager.  Effectively Leading and Managing covers the same PRO-daptive model, plus adds topics designed for all managers including middle managers and supervisors.

Do you offer additional support?

Each participant takes home a full set of materials that includes the tools, processes, tips and forms needed for implementation and reference. You’ll also receive access to our help desk via email or toll-free phone for help with any questions you have when implementing what you’ve learned.

How much does this workshop cost?

First attendee:  $1,695

Second attendee from same company within one year:  $1,645

Third and additional attendees:  $1,595 each

This workshop may be available on demand or may not be currently scheduled.  Contact us at 800-772-3377 to discuss scheduling for your organization or team.