PRO-daptive® Leadership and Management Coaching

Learn how to effectively deliver both success and fulfillment at the individual, department and company-wide levels.

PRO-daptive® leadership and management coaching from NCM Associates, Inc. helps individuals or teams assess their current leadership performance and work with a coach to get to the next level. Utilizing a set of assessments, you’ll be able to understand, develop, and leverage your leadership strengths. Participants will develop new capabilities through monthly coaching sessions and measure their progress to make sure they get where they want to go.

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Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessments focus on evaluating your leadership strengths and development opportunities. We’ll collect feedback from four-to-seven co-workers who work closely with you. The assessments will look at both capabilities and motivations for a fit with the profile of a high-performing leader in your position.

Once your current leadership performance has been measured, your leadership coach will conduct a one-on-one on-site debriefing and coaching session, including optional confidential interviews with employees. This session concludes with the creation of an individualized leadership action plan that puts you on the path to the next level of performance.

Leadership Coaching

Your coach will provide support and direction to help you effectively implement new leadership behaviors and capabilities in the quickest, most efficient manner, including:

  • Individualized Action Plan: an individualized action plan that provides a road map for increasing your leadership performance and effectiveness.
  • Coaching Sessions: one year of progress reports and coaching, as needed, to help you develop new leadership capabilities.
  • Situational Needs: leverage your coach’s expertise to ensure you respond effectively as situations arise.


Measure your progress to celebrate achievements and make course corrections. You will receive check-ups to determine whether your performance is progressing as targeted to ensure your goals are met.


  • In-depth assessments of leadership performance, including employee interviews
  • On-site results debriefing and action planning
  • Ongoing coaching as needed for 12 months
  • One-to-three mini surveys to measure progress
  • Access to your coach throughout the 12-month program for support and advice