Managing By Values® : Building and Sustaining a Winning Company Culture

Become an admired “Fortunate 500” type organization by applying the three phases of a winning culture

A strong culture is the single most important aspect driving the success of your business. Managing By Values® Consulting And Coaching will help you formalize and further strengthen the winning culture of your company by implementing the trademarked Managing by Values® business management and development process, developed in conjunction with the program’s author, Dr. Michael O’Connor.

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Work together to clearly define who you are, who you intend to be, and how you do business. This establishes the foundation to further strengthen the direction and focus in your company.


Show how the values-based approach benefits all key stakeholders, including employees. It also involves training everyone in the company on how to integrate the values into daily work practices.


Reinforce the values-based approach and eliminate any gaps between current practices and values-based practices with individuals, departments and company-wide. A qualified consultant will be there to provide direction and support throughout the process.


  • Two management team work sessions facilitated by a qualified Spader consultant
  • Your own clearly-defined mission, vision and values statements
  • Facilitation of one or more follow-up focus group sessions
  • Results analysis and recommendations
  • A variety of implementation tools and processes to use within your organization for Values alignment
  • Company-wide survey results reporting showing baseline values alignment
  • Managers’ baseline 360 reports showing individual alignment with company values
  • Individual manager debriefing, coaching and action planning for further values alignment
  • Working by Values implementation workshop for all employees