Financial Consulting and Coaching

Achieve financial stability and/or growth objectives through your own  custom-designed initiative.

  • Analyze your last two years’ financial performance, with company strengths and opportunities for improvement highlighted
  • Review each department as a profit center in detail
  • Identify the best opportunities to improve your company’s effectiveness in each department
  • Maximize the power of your financial statements with Spader’s review and recommendations for your chart of accounts
  • Implement principles and concepts from Spader workshops with personalized help from a Spader consultant

Spader’s On-Site Financial Consulting And Training walks you and your key team members through the process of evaluating where you are now, and creates a plan for the future to address your individual concerns and objectives.

Contact us today to customize an on-site consultation for your own business needs!


Your Spader consultant collects important information prior to your two-to-three-day consulting session and prepares several valuable reports summarizing your current status for review with you during your consulting session.

After your on-site consultation, we prepare a summary of all the work you and your people completed together, including a profit plan with monthly targets and worksheets to track actual results each month, an in-depth report that identifies key issues identified within each department, and a monthly tracking worksheet to allow each department manager to monitor the three-to-five key numbers compared to their targets each month.

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